DYNO Pre-crusher

The DYNO pre-crushers are especially designed to shred animal by-products (carcasses, fats, meat waste, bones).

They are also used to shred food waste, green waste, wood, etc.

Available in mono or double rotor execution, it is the ideal pre-crusher for the shredding of organic residues of animal or vegetable origin.

The heavy duty design of the DYNO pre-shredder ensures a long shelf life.

The DYNO pre-crusher reduces the input material to an acceptable calibration size for further processing or shredding to an even smaller size in the subsequent process. This pre-shredder is used worldwide in various leading rendering plants, fat melting plants and waste processing units.


  • Dyno 4 rotor
    Monorotor version - can optionally shred in both directions
  • Dyno 5 rotors
    Double rotor version
  • Dyno 3 precrusher with infeed hopper
    Dyno 3 with wide feed hopper
  • Dyno 3
    DYNO 3
  • Dyno 5
    DYNO 5 Ready for shipment
  • Refurbishment Dyno 3 shredder animal by products
    Refurbished DYNO pre-shredder after more than 20 years of intensive use.


  • Poultry
  • Cows
    Processing of carcasses of cattle and horses
  • Schermafbeelding 2020 05 07 om 16 53 53
    Frozen animal skins
  • Input material mixed supermarket dry
    Processing food surpluses

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