From concept to real life

Our engineering department is at the service of our sales team and production staff. Highly qualified, enthusiastic technicians are ready to meet any challenge and design solutions tailored to the customer's needs. They also develop new innovative solutions and calculate the technical and economic feasibility of the product.

The team of engineers translate a commercial contract into an implementation plan, technical construction plans and assembly drawings in 2D and 3D. They are also in charge of the technical documentation, take care of the operating and maintenance training of our customers and coordinate a flawless cold and hot start-up and delivery of our installations.

Once your machine is completed, it is temporarily installed in our factory for a cold run and mechanical, electrical and hydraulic testing. This test setup is one on one identical to the final setup at your site so we can optimally prepare all installation material and perform a true-to-life test. After successful testing, the set-up is made ready for transport to our customers worldwide.

  • DSC02461
    Hydraulic Power Pack of a 3 x 132 kW TRIREX shredder
  • FAT of DINOSAURUS shredder
    Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

3D model translated into real life situation

Based on your specific needs and requirements of your plant, our engineering team provides a 3D design to support the commercial offer. This allows us to provide the ideal solution, taking into account a safe maintenance accessibility, electrical power supply, civil works and internal transport movements of incoming and outgoing material.

  • 19 012 D2600 S Bruco 3 D Kleuren
    Final 3D model of a complete DINOSAURUS 2600 S shredder with conveyor
  • D2600 S Bruco
    Real life DINOSAURUS 2600 S line-up
  • D2600 S Kleuren site 1
    Final 3D model of a complete DINOSAURUS 2600 S shredder with conveyor and magnet
  • D07 FFCA2 8607 45 A2 8 A20 69305782 DB7 F 1 105 c
    Real life DINOSAURUS 2600 S line-up with magnet
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