KALIBRO calibrating crusher

The KALIBRO is a calibrating crusher designed especially for the treatment of organic by-products of animal or vegetable origin:

  • by-products of animal origin: bones, fat, etc.
  • biodegradable waste and food surpluses
  • non-metallic and non-inert mixed solid waste

It is often used behind a RENTEC DYNO pre-crusher.

The RENTEC KALIBRO is mainly used in fat melting plants, bone processing plants, rendering plants as well as in the processing of animal by-products and food surpluses.

The KALIBRO reduces the volume of the material to be processed to acceptable dimensions, suitable for thermal treatment in continuous or discontinuous processing lines, as well as for pumping in a homogeneous mixture.

The KALIBRO is available in different versions which differ in terms of chassis size, rotor length, tooth size, counter knife, torque ... The composition and type of the (already pre-cut) material and the desired maximum output size determine which KALIBRO is the ideal choice for your application.

Despite the extremely robust construction of the machine, a metal detector in the feed to the crusher is strongly recommended to avoid wear and possible breakage of machine parts.
  • Kalibro rotor
    Mono rotor version
  • Twinkalibro
    Double rotor version
  • 13 013 Twinkalibro 3 8 55 CY 021
    Double rotor version
  • Kalibro 6.6
    Kalibro 6.6
  • Kalibro 3.8
    Kalibro 3.8
  • Kalibro 6 6x2
  • Twinkalibro
    Twinkalibro (former model)


  • Poultry
    Poultry processing
  • Cows
    Processing animal by-products

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