Cooker / Steriliser / Hydrolyser

Indirectly heated batch cooker or batch pressure steriliser or hydrolyser for animal by-products

The batch cooker is an essential machine in the thermal treatment of animal by-products. Depending on the application, fat is melted, water evaporated (drying), the input material is sterilysed under pressure or plumes hydrolysed under pressure.

The batch cooker is heated with steam or thermal oil.

The machine is equipped with a mixing device to homogenise the treated product. To reduce the process time, the agitator can optionally be heated. If desired, the inner jacket can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel.

Our range includes batch cookers from 5,000 up to 25,000 L capacity.


  • Steriliser 16.000 L
    16.000 L batch cooker/steriliser
  • Sliding valve
    Sliding valve
  • Mixing device
    Mixing device in batch cooker / steriliser
  • Agitator
    Heated mixing device
  • 16 000L cooker
    Transport 16.000 L cooker
  • Replacement batchcooker
    Replacement batch cooker

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