RENTEC installs the first 4064 WoodHog in Belgium.

This super-duty, high-speed grinder processes post-consumer wood waste to the specifications of the chipboard industry and the green energy suppliers.

The shredder is equipped with a 250 - 315 kW electric motor with frequency control. This offers following advantages :

  • total control of power surges during start-up
  • adjustable rotor speed to adapt the size of the output material to the customer's specifications
  • controlled reduction of the rotor speed to a standstill within 2 minutes after switch-off

The rotor is suited for 100 mm thick, 25 kg heavy, both swinging and fixed hammers. These are equipped with dismountable and weldable hammer tips. The calibration basket consists of individual welded screens that can be exchanged according to wear or desired final product size.

A ballistic ejector is mounted in the feed hopper which allows solid metal jamming material to leave the grinding chamber immediately in order to avoid further wear and damage.


  • 15 016 D2600 S Pure Green DSC 4509 hout
    Postconsumer wood waste
  • IMG 5722
    Superduty swinghammer with exchangeable tip
  • IMG 5694
    Vibrating screen
  • Woodhog
    Ballistic ejection of unshreddable objects
  • 20200623 193221
    Typical UFO (unshreddable foreign object) automatically separated via ballistic ejection
  • IMG 5634
    Calibrated final product according to type of calibration

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