The TRIREX is a stationary, slow speed triple-rotor shredder with hydraulic drive.

Three rotors with individual hydraulic drive shred the input material in both directions of rotation through two central knives and two lateral knives. The rotating speed is continuously adjustable per rotor.

  • RC 17 008 Hufnagel TRX DSC00274
    Triple rotor shredder
  • RC Fine or coarse shredding
    Individual control of the rotors via PLC

Throughput varies from 15 to 150 tonnes per hour, depending on the input material and the desired output size.

The heavy-duty construction and the powerful hydraulic drives guarantee a high availability at low and manageable operating costs over the long term, even in continuous operation and under extreme conditions. The shredding table is virtually insensitive to unshreddable material.

The TRIREX is further characterised by its large square input hopper. This makes the machine particularly suitable for bulk loading by a large-capacity polyp grab. The wide cutting table avoids bridging.

  • 17 008 Hufnagel TRX IMG 4012
    TRIREX 2600 S in industrial waste
  • 06 006 TRX2600 S PB014750
    TRIREX 2600 S in MSW
  • DSC08387
    TRIREX 2600 S in construction and demolition waste
  • DSC02839
    Two TRIREX 2600 S shredders on C&D waste
  • DSC07111
    TRIREX 2600 S in dredging material
  • 03 005 Trirex DSC00997 origineel
    TRIREX 2600 S in organic waste


The TRIREX can be used for shredding and conditioning of all kinds of waste: domestic waste, industrial waste, bulky waste including mattresses and carpets, construction and demolition waste, organic waste, wood, green waste, stumps and roots, bales (waste, plastic,...), electrical and electronic appliances,...

  • 04 001 Waterway Incoming waste detail1
    Construction and demolition waste
  • DSC00337
    Bulky waste
  • C&I waste
    Industrial waste
  • 15 016 D2600 S Pure Green DSC 4509 hout
    Wodo waste
  • DSC00079
  • DSC01344
    Bulky waste

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