Transport and storage systems

Open or closed dosing screws, storage bunkers

Closed screw conveyors are used for the spill-free transport of animal by-products between the various process components. They can be manufactured with a single or double screw, with screw blade diameters up to a maximum of 900mm, depending on the product to be transported and the desired capacity.

They can also be used as a liquid-tight discharge system under our shredders or as a dosing screw where a constant volume flow is required.

The screw conveyor can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel according to the application. The overhead shut-off covers are manufactured in stainless steel, optionally provided with extraction points.

Our storage systems consist of dosing bunkers with multiple screw conveyor floor. They are used as reception bunkers for incoming raw materials or as buffering silos turning batch processing into continuous processing.

Optionally, reception bunkers can be equipped with hydraulically operated shut-off doors for optimum hygiene and safety.

  • Open screw Ø350 L16000
    Open screw Ø350 L16000
  • Storage bunker
    Reception bunker
  • Reception bunker bones
    Reception bunker bones CAT 3
  • Dosing bunker swill (shop return)
    Dosing hopper swill (shop return)
  • Installation screw conveyor
    Installation of screw conveyor
  • Reception bunker with hydraulic doors
    Reception bunker with hydraulic doors

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