SCALPEL screen

The SCALPEL screen is fed directly into the output of a pre-shredder. In the process, the SCALPEL roller screen removes long and bulky objects ("OVERS"), which can lead to the disruption of the subsequent separation line. The throughfall ("ACCEPTS") can be (automatically) separated in the subsequent separation line. This increases the availability and efficiency of the entire plant.

The SCALPEL is a unique roller screen. The screen bed is 1.6 m wide and 9.0 m long. The SCALPEL screen can screen a correct fraction of 0-300 mm from a mixed waste stream without over-lengths. The rollers are individually adjustable in height, speed and axle distance according to the requirements of the application.

  • DSCN1070
    Integration of roller screen behind DINOSAURUS shredder in construction and demolition waste sorting plant
  • 16 019 D2600 S3 D 150ppi
    DINOSAURUS shredder feeding SCALPEL roller screen (before and after realisation)


  • 16 019 Fraction
    Throughtput < 400 mm
  • 16 019 Scalpel
    Overlength > 400 mm

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