The RAPTOR is a stationary, slow speed, monorotor shredder with hydraulic drive.

One hydraulically driven rotor, with a diameter of 1 meter, shreds the input material in both directions of rotation on two bolted side combs. The side combs can be different on the left and right side to achieve a coarser or finer end product according to the preferred rotating direction. The operator can determine the rotating speed, direction and time per rotating direction according to the specific application via the control display. In case of overload, the rotor switches to the other rotation for an adjustable time.

This shredder is particularly suitable for the shredding of household waste and biodegradable waste streams.

The RAPTOR pre-shredder is available in following models, depending on the capacity to be processed and the desired layout:

  • RAPTOR 2600S
    Stationary, slow speed, mono-rotor shredder with electric power pack (90 kW - 132 kW - 160 kW).
  • RAPTOR 2600T
    Mobile, slow speed, mono-rotor shredder on trailer chassis, with integrated diesel engine power pack.
  • Schermafbeelding 2021 02 08 om 11 17 28
    RAPTOR 2600 S in the shredding process of biodegradable waste in a biogas plant
  • 06 019 IVVO DSC01548 BW
    RAPTOR 2600 T on trailer chassis


The RAPTOR pre-shredder can be used to shred domestic waste, wood waste and biodegradable waste streams in biogas plants and composting.

  • DSC01541
    RAPTOR 2600 S in wood waste
  • DSC01532
    RAPTOR 2600 T in biodegradable waste

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