PALMITO 125-175 kg/h

The PALMITO is a very robust, improved village type palm oil mill, processing averagely 125 to 175 kg of handthreshed fruit of the ’Tenera’ species per hour.

This stand-alone mill consists of 3 essential modules that guarantee an efficient extraction process. The PALMITO includes :

  • a biomass fired continuous fruit cooker with proper heat insulation
  • a diesel motor driven screw press
  • an oil clarifier

The mill requires very few on-site preparations prior to set-up. The production of red palm oil production can start within the same day of delivery.

The PALMITO is the only continuous small-scale palm oil mill available on the market. It is a simple but efficient installation made with reliable, robust and simple equipment, respecting the procedures of a professional oil extraction unit.


  • Handthreshed fruit
    Handtreshed TENERA oil palm fruit
    Sorting of TENERA fruit
  • PALMITO units in RENTEC workshop
    Palmito units in RENTEC workshop
  • Palmito units
    Cooker + press + clarifying unit
  • Palmito
    Palmito mini-mill during operation
  • Palmito press
    Pressing unit
  • PALMITO press cake
    Press cake
  • Palmito
    Oil from PALMITO mini-mill
  • 14 011 Palmito 20201126 155938
    Palm fruit evenly spread onto floor to preserve freshness of the fruit
  • 13 020 Junior 6 T Miluna 20150115 083557 Palmito
    Complete PALMITO mini-mill installed in DRC
    PALMITO mini-mill in operation
    PALMITO ready for shipment

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