A nutcracker enables the recovery of palm kernels from pressure sterilised nuts.

The CP1 nutcracker is part of the standard equipment supplied with a MODULAR 1T/hour palm oil extraction unit. It can also be supplied separately.


  • DSC09926
    Input material
  • DSC09928
    Output of nut cracker unit
  • 11 015 Nu cracker DSC 8739
    Small CP1 nut cracker supplied with MODULAR palm oil mill
  • 14 009 DSC06761 bijgewerkt resize
    Feeding of nuts in kernel recovery unit
    Kernel recovery in JUNIOR 6T/hour palm oil mill
  • CP1 nut cracker in front of MODULAR
    Nutcracker supplied with MODULAR mill
  • Nutcracker MODULAR
    New CP1 nut cracker

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