JUNIOR 6 Ton/h

The JUNIOR mill for the extraction of red palm oil has been designed as a completely independent and standardised production unit with a nominal capacity of 6 tons of FFB per hour.

It can process the harvest of ca. 1.500 to 2.000 hectares of palm plantations (depending on the variety, hydrological deficit, location, maintenance of the plantations,...).

The JUNIOR mill is an industrial plant equipped with the following essential elements to obtain top grade oil:
  • two horizontal sterilisers
  • an extraction unit
  • a clarification unit
  • a basic kernel recovery unit
  • a boiler
  • a diesel alternator

The classic process of transforming the bunches into red palm oil starts with a pressure sterilisation of the bunches in two horizontal sterilisers with a capacity allowing continuous production.

The sterilised bunches are automatically emptied in a self-cleaning drum thresher separating the fruit from the stalks. A lift feeds the threshed fruit to the extraction station.

The extraction unit consists of a DP5 digester, a PP5 twin screw press and a hot water tank and is used to extract the crude oil from the press cake. Thanks to its simple but robust design, the PP5 press is the most efficient press on the market. The extraction rates obtained can exceed 24%, depending on the variety of palm tree. The modular construction allows for easy maintenance and low maintenance costs.

The crude oil is then passed through a clarification process to be filtered and clarified during several stages to obtain minimal acidity (FFA) and impurities. The last traces of moisture are removed in the vacuum drying process resulting in the best palm oil on the market!

The JUNIOR palm oil extraction plant is also a model of sustainability: the empty bunches are evacuated by a conveyor belt in order to be co-composted and used as organic fertilizer in the plantations.

A drying and untangling of the press cake separates two other by-products of the oil mill: fibres and shells. After being dried, the nuts go through a crusher to sort out the palm kernels and shells. The palm kernels are stored and dried in a silo and can be used in a palm kernel oil production unit. The dried fibres and shells are used as fuel for the boiler.

The boiler generates all the process steam necessary for the JUNIOR 6T plant. Optionally, a steam turbine can be integrated to generate part of the electrical needs from the oil mill waste.

Briefly, the JUNIOR is designed in such way to generate almost zero waste, limiting its environmental impact.


    Loading of cages
    Cages inside steriliser
    Feeding system
  • JUNIOR extraction unit
  • JUNIOR Press
    Twin screw press
    Disposal of empty bunches
  • JUNIOR clarification
  • JUNIOR nut drying silo
    Nut drying silo + nut cracker
  • JUNIOR nut polishing drum
    Nut polishing drum
  • JUNIOR quality control
    Quality control on empty palm kernel
    Kernel reception
    Outside view
  • empty fruit bunches
    Empty fruit bunches
  • RENTEC team
    Supervision by RENTEC team during installation

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