The DINOSAURUS is a stationary, slow speed, double-rotor shredder with hydraulic drive.

The two hydraulic driven rotors are independently programmable and shred the input material through a central knife and two lateral knives. The different types of central and lateral knives that can be used, together with the unlimited adjustment possibilities of the PLC, turn the DINOSAURUS into the most flexible shredder available on the market. This enables us to adapt each shredder to the specific requirements of our customers and to the required product specifications for their production processes.

The individual control of the shredding rotors also ensures a regular and adjustable dosage of your waste stream, avoiding bridging and winding of the material to be shredded.

  • RC Dinosaurus 14 012 IMG 2884
    Double rotor shredder
  • RC Fine or coarse shredding
    PLC control for coarse or fine shredding

The DINOSAURUS is the best choice when it comes to shredding and conditioning all kinds of solid waste: industrial waste, bulky (household) waste, construction and demolition waste, green or organic waste, wood, etc. The processing capacity varies from 15 to 100 tons per hour, depending on the input material and the configuration of the rotors and knives.

Important feature of the DINOSAURUS pre-shredder is its extremely robust design, making it insensitive to unshreddable objects. A service life of many tens of thousands of hours is no exception.

The DINOSAURUS pre-shredder is available in the following models, depending on the capacity to be processed and the desired setup:

    Stationary, slow speed, double rotor pre-shredder with electric power pack. This model has shorter rotors and less power.
    Stationary, slow speed, double rotor pre-shredder with electric power pack.
    Mobile, slow speed, double-rotor shredder on a semi-trailer chassis, with integrated diesel engine power pack.
    Mobile, slow speed, double-rotor shredder on tracks, with integrated diesel engine power pack.
  • RC 17 005 D2600 S printscreen
  • 18 009 D2600 S Sogetri 20190711 153236
  • 11 003 D2600 T Ivarem groenafval 2
    Mobile DINOSAURUS 2600 T on semi-trailer
  • 17 020 D1800 S 20180626 141002
    DINOSAURUS 1800 S with hydraulic power pack unit
  • Fullsizeoutput f5e
    DINOSAURUS 2600 S with magnet and star screen
  • 18 011 02 Dinosaurus 2600 S Mick George
    DINOSAURUS 2600 S as feeder for C&D waste plant
  • 17 012 DSCN1176
    DINOSAURUS 1800 S on biodegradable waste
  • RC 19 017 D1800 S 20200826 083445
    DINOSAURUS 1800 S on waste wood


The DINOSAURUS is the ideal pre-shredder in waste-to-energy plants, to sort and recover recyclables and in biogas and composting installations.

  • 04 001 Waterway Incoming waste detail1
    C&D waste
  • 03 006 huisvuil DSC01253
  • C&I waste
    Industrial waste
  • Wood DSC04456
  • GFT Afval
    Organic waste
  • 18 015 20181001 122456
    Green waste
  • DSC01344
    Bulky waste

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