The RENTEC BAGRIPPER is a totally new approach to the classic bag ripper or bag shredder, in which RENTEC remains faithful to the qualities for which it is famous.

The machine differs in several aspects from classic bag openers / bag shredders :

  • no cutting process
  • totally insensitive to intruding material
  • perfectly constant output => higher separation efficiency, higher sorting quality and higher availability of the sorting plant
  • opening degree > 99% => higher recycling rate and reduced share of residual material
  • no damage to the recyclables => no creation of additional fines
  • gigantic capacity
  • minimal maintenance and cleaning

When sorting separately collected lightweight household packaging (density of 80 kg/m3), the BagRipper eDrive (2 x 55 kW) can process over 25 tons/hour. The intelligent PLC can be adjusted to any desired capacity, thus feeding a perfectly constant and dosed flow to the (automatic) sorting plant. The machine is also able to treat the more elaborate plastics (films, tapes, ribbons ...) of P+MD (Belgium).

In some countries there is no separate collection of light household packaging (yet) and recycable materials are recovered from mixed household waste. Considering the increased presence of foreign objects in this type of application, the BagRipper is equipped with hydraulic rotor drives (2 x 90 kW).

In case of selective collection (France), the BagRipper does not shred the large format paper and cardboard fraction, which allows for its optimal recovery downstream.

The below video shows the BagRipper working on lightweight household packaging, MSW and material from collecte sélective in France.


  • Bagripper RENTEC
    BAGRIPPER 2600 S in sorting plant of household packaging waste
    Sorting of collected lightweight household packaging materials
  • Bagripper RENTEC
    Post-separation of mixed household waste and residual household waste (MSW)
  • Bagripper RENTEC
    Empty bags and films after sifting

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