Autoclaves and pressure vessels

RENTEC builds autoclaves according to the specific requirements of the client or the project. Whether you need a horizontal or vertical design, in carbon steel or stainless steel and up to a diameter of 3m, every autoclave is custom made.

Direct steam or compressed air brings the pressure inside the autoclave up to 30 bar. Heating is obtained by steam or hot air using electric registers or thermal oil.

  • Autoclave Ø3000
    Autoclave Ø3000
  • Autoclaaf
    Autoclave Ø3000 for rubber curing
  • 12 011 2012 12 11 18 bijgewerkt 50x70
  • DSC04713 light

Our autoclaves are available with a pressure-resistant, quick-closing door that can be operated hydraulically, electrically or manually.

RENTEC autoclaves are equipped with all necessary safety devices according to the international regulations for pressure vessels. Our in-house engineering and production is a guarantee for the highest level of quality and safety. Each autoclave is therefore certified by a notified body.

Vertical autoclave with quick closing door

Our autoclaves can be used in for the thermal treatment of composite materials in :

  • the production of layered safety glass for the glass industry
  • the rubber industry to vulcanise tyres, hoses, belts, ....
  • the phytosanitary treatment of wood
  • the car industry in the chemical treatment of fibre-reinforced plastics
  • the food processing industry during sterilisation
  • special applications


  • Tyres
    Vulcanisation of tyres
  • Food
    Sterilisation of food
  • Wood
    Thermal treatment of wood
  • Glass building
    Glass industry

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