Direct steaming is used to sterilise the FFB in order to:

- brake further development of acidity in the oil
- facilitate loosening fruits from the stalks
- prepare the fruit pump for further treatment
- loosen partially the kernels from the shells.

Vertical or horizontal steriliser are available based on the requested capacity.

All sterilisers come with a quick closing door, enabling the operator to work in safe conditions.


  • JB FARMS Steriliser 2011 DSC02679 kopie
    Vertical pressure steriliser with quick closing door
  • OM Modular 11 015 Sterilisation DSC 8378
  • 20141702 DSC02566 kopie
    Sterilising units installed in Nigeria
  • 13 020 Junior 6 T Miluna Sterilisator DSC08877
    Horizontal pressure sterilisers in JUNIOR palm oil extraction unit
  • 13 020 Junior 6 T Miluna DSCN0257
    Perfectly emptied bunches of red palm

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