RURAL 250-325 kg/h

Semi-industrial small scale palm oil mill for treatment of handtreshed fruit

The RURAL is a semi-industrial small scale palm oil mill, pre-assembled in one 20ft. customized container, processing about 250 to 325 kg of handthreshed fruit of the ‘Tenera’ species per hour.

A screw conveyor feeds the threshed palm fruit to a continuous cooker/digester.

A motorized screw press extracts the oil, which is then pumped to the double decanting system. The steam for this process is supplied by a biomass fired steam boiler; a reliable diesel generator enables the mill to work independently in remote locations.

The plug-and-play system requires very limited civil works and is easy to install using local labour. A RENTEC engineer will supervise the set-up and commissioning of the installation on your site and fine tune the equipment.

The RURAL has been designed to be a sustainable and profit making mill with low maintenance cost, simple to operate but generating funds with a limited investment, even at low oil prices.


  • Fullsizeoutput 1a4
    Complete unit
  • 13 008 Rural AOPL Afbeelding 115
  • 13 008 Rural AOPL DSC01811 kopie cutout
    Biomass fired steam boiler
  • 13 008 Rural AOPL DSC04996 corr
    Red palm oil

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